Friday, February 13, 2009

My Journey Begins!

WOW...I am so nervous and excited! I have never done this before, so I thought I would try it.

I just discovered "blogging" a few days ago as I wanted to motivation on my own journey to FINALLY facing my debt head on and paying this OFF!! I have read many PF blogs out there which are GREAT, and thought I would start my own, mainly to keep me focused. I hope I can help even just one other person by beginning this "online debt free journey." It won't be easy, it will be VERY HARD, but I am going to do this and invite anyone who would like to join me, to come along for the experience of a lifetime. Because as Phil 4:13 states, "THROUGH CHRIST, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE." God Bless!


  1. Hello! Welcome to the blogging debt world. I am pretty new to this myself. Can I make the suggestion that you focus on one card, say the Victoria's Secret and try to pay it off then use that money to focus on another card. Good luck!

    I'm at

  2. Miss Accessories,
    Nice to "meet" you and thank you for commenting! It always helps to hear from others who are taking this journey with you. I hope to hear more about your accomplishments as we move along also! Have a wonderful day!