Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update budget for the week

Good Morning, All! Last night I had a WONDERFUL dinner out with hubby! Romantic, time alone with him.....make sure that all of you that are able to get some time alone with hubby......DO IT! Even if you have to forego a sporting practice. My husband coaches baseball and he forewent the practice so we could spend time together. It is so important to work on and nurture your relationships! It won't just happen. Sports, busy schedules, work, etc. will ALWAYS get in the way. Make sure you are taking even just a small amount of time to let your spouse know how important they are to you!

Anyway, a wonderful tidbit for future holidays came from Tricia at Blogging Away Debt. Read her blog to find out how she and her hubby celebrated Valentine's Day. It is PRICELESS! (After reading her blog, now I know why I am coming in "over" my budget each month).!

That is why I decided to try blogging. This is so knew to me, but I am amazed at the support, ideas and motivation I am gaining through this!

The kids have off this week due to Winter Break, so as soon as I get a free minute, I need to update February's budget and finish closing out January's budget. I'll keep y'all posted on our progress! (I hope I can say "progress"!?!!)

Have a BLESSED day!


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